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Several years ago, as I read the Psalms, I realized that my worst enemies were internal, not external. Demons, attackers, agnostics, atheists, fighters and haters — all inside me. So I began to rewrite the psalms to reflect that.

I began to do what I have called internalizing the psalms – speaking to God, and myself, about God and about the doubts and darkness in my life. I decided to record my efforts in a simple blog, through WordPress. And then, a couple of years later, I expanded this blog to include other things I write.

My psalm poems are based upon and with quotes from the NIV and NSRV-Catholic Edition. As I journeyed through the psalms and made them my own, I found myself more and more searching for the feminine, the womanly, the motherly in God. And so I have chosen words for God, including pronouns, that are either feminine or gender neutral (like sovereign rather than king). The proverbial Lady Wisdom revealed herself to me through the psalms. Similarly God revealed my worst foes to be largely captured in what I now call my terrible Ds: depression, doubt, discouragement, darkness, distress, dis-ease. You will find me using that phrase, “my terrible Ds”, repeatedly.

I have self-published these psalm poems in a simple book, Psalms Turned Inward. I also published a small book of other poems, Poems for Mom, when my mother asked for some of my poems as her Christmas present (best gift TO me, ever).

To learn a bit more about my faith and spirituality, click here.


2 thoughts on “About these posts

  1. I love the Colossians passage yo put out. This is my first look at your site. I like the word plans in the Jeremiah one. The Colossians bit is so rich in poetics. Putting on love and Christ in the heart and more and more: REALLY meaningful. Life presents obstacles. Have we not all been there? Life on this plane (sp.?) gives us choices, and sometimes limited choices, as my mother has many times said, and often just plain trouble. But all is temporary. Cs Lewis talks about Glories and connects it to God. God connects it to man and woman and esp children. Such a good world scene lately. Thanks, Dr. Keller. – Kevin S (: (: (:


  2. I’ve always found some of my greatest strength and comfort in the psalms. Thank you for searching for the feminine, the womanly, the motherly in God and for the feminine/neutral pronouns. I had not thought of using .sovereign. I look forward to reading more here! Thanks for the follow!


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