Daily Communion

I taste garden green-ness
I sip summer showers
Breezes kiss my skin
Soil comforts me
Rocks challenge me
Sunlight blesses me
With the true presence

But also
Reverence finds me
As I hang out laundry
Fix dinner
Wash dishes
Watch TV
Work on a puzzle
Return a shopping cart
Make our bed
Answer an email
Quell my impatience

the mundane is extraordinary
it is just mundane
Always it is
! God’s body !
! God’s blood !
! God’s love !


What – who – is it that invests now with eternity?
Alan Watts spoke of reincarnation as the return of particular consciousness from cosmic consciousness.
That doesn’t have much meaning to me, although it sounds grand.
In much the same way the Second Coming sounds grand without much specific content.
What is eternal life to me if I will not be the me I know – whether it be Watts’ version or Paul’s version. If we shall all be changed, whether or not death is real, then the particular I that loves this particular You shall no longer exist. And that is an eternity that is oh so very uninteresting to me.

But this now. This early morning eternal now with you still sleeping and me loving you still sleeping. This is perhaps all the eternity I need. And for that I thank whatever, whoever created nowness for me.