Psalm 16

Guard my mind and heart, O God,
To You I turn seeking a peaceful spirit
Here’s what I have come to know:
I am better, happier when I am Yours
When I forget You, my inner world descends into turmoil
Your saints – living and dead – help me to remember You
They show me the joy of living with You
On my own, I only increase my sorrow and confusion
When I turn away, when I start doubting, stop praying
And let my worldly concerns rule my life
Keep me in prayer, please
Keep me from letting preoccupations and worries,
Hurt and heaviness rule my mind and heart
Help me to remember that You are God
You love me; in You I have security and peace
With You I find pleasure and peace, delight and light
I want to live my life praising You, not doubting You
I want to know Your wisdom, Your peace each night
I want to set You always before me
Letting Your light banish my darkness
Mind, heart and body are well with You
You will not abandon me to my dark despair
You will not let me rot in anger and worry
In You I find my way to life and light, to energy and joy
Forever. Amen


Psalm 17

Hear, O God, my desperate plea
Listen to my crying
Pay attention to my prayer (please)
I do my best to be truthful with You
So that my life may flow from You
Relecting Your goodness
I want to live so that when You probe my mind and heart
You will find Them bright with Your own light
When I speak, my words will be kind and true
But You know me
I do try, but I often fail
I try to walk in Your grace and light
But still I stumble into darkness
Letting all of the unhelpful negatives block my walk with You
So I call on You, O God, trusting that You will answer me
I ask again
Listen to my crying
Pay attention to my prayer (please)
Show me the wonder of Your great love
Lift me up
Turn me to Your bright face
Keep me as the apple of your eye
Let me hide, not in the shadows of my own making
But in the shadow of Your bright wings
Let me hide in Your shadow
From the dark feelings that trouble me
From the thoughts that kill my joy
Keep my heart soft
Let me live in Your humility
Not in my own arrogant pride
I am so afraid—afraid of my own worst tendencies
My darkness, my arrogance, my despair, my envy
I try to walk with You
But they track me down, surround me
Trip me up, throw me down
They will devour my happiness, my abilities, my peace
Rise up in my mind and heart, O God
Rise up in my life
Let Your peace and goodness rise up
And bring down my darkness and troubles
Cut through my doubts and daydreams
O God, save me from living a life in darkness
Save me from focusing only on this world
In You I can find what I seek, what I need
In You my hungering soul can be filled
In You my poor struggling heart can find a wealth of peace
And I will see Your face reflected in all this world
I will say, always, “God is here”
And I will awake with hope, not dread.  Amen

Psalm 18 — In Summary

I love God because God can do what I can’t do on my own
God can banish, crush, defeat all of my worst tendencies
Through God’s great power
I can live a good life
I can know peace
I can love
This is love
Not that I love God
But that God loves me
Even when I am most confused and doubtful
When I am most lost and troubled
When I don’t even believe in Her
God loves me
God is the one who raises me up
God is the one who protects my peace of mind
Through God’s great power
I triumph over all of those warring nations
Inside me
God’s the one, the only one
Alleluia and Amen!

Psalm 19


The heavens declare the glory of God;
The skies proclaim the work of God’s hands
Day after day they shout it out; night after day they show me
Without words, beyond hearing, they speak to my heart
They proclaim God’s glory to all the earth, to the ends of the world
Just as an example consider the sun:
Its beauty, its power, its steadiness, its daily journey
How its energy impregnates the earth
Powerful Creator, let Your energy penetrate me so that I remember this:
Your way is perfect, reviving my soul
Your way is trustworthy, making me wise
Your way is right, bringing me joy
Your way is bright, lighting my life
You way is pure, giving me lasting peace
Your way is sure and altogether righteous
Your way is the golden way, better than gold
Your way is the honeyed way, better than honey
Like the sun warms the earth
Your way warms me and brings me true reward
You know I am often blind to my own failings
You know how negative thoughts and depressed feelings can ambush me
Forgive me and help me; don’t let darkness rule over me
Let my thoughts, words and deeds reflect Your light
O God, my rock and redeemer.  Amen.

Psalm 20

Oh dear God, answer me when I am in distress
Can the name of the God of that great cloud of witnesses,
Those thousands of years of believers, really protect me?
God of peace, help me
God of strength, support me
Remember me, remember my prayers
Remember the times I offered You my contrite heart
Give me good and holy desires
Let my worthy plans succeed
Give me faith and hope, courage and conviction
Confidence and joy, victory over my warring emotions
Let me know this, remember this:
That You give victory to those who turn to You
You answer prayers
You lend me Your own power
Sometimes I trust in yoga, sometimes in psychology
Sometimes in others, sometimes in myself
But when I trust in You, when I trust in You
Ah, then I fall to my knees to worship You
Yet stand firm against my own weaknesses
So give me a royal victory
Answer me when I remember to call on You
(Please and thank You). Amen