On Sensitivity

Does anyone else get tired
Of those who tell you
How sensitive they are
Those who tell you
How intuitive they are
Those who tell you
How hard it is to live life
As an empath 
Those whose eyes fill with tears
As they explain their painful sensibilities
Their acute awareness of the feelings
Of others
Even ants

Does anyone also ever feel like screaming
“So why the fuck are you so unaware
Of my feelings?”

Or is it just me?

Blanket Faith

Sometimes I just want to be Linus
Dragging my blanket of faith everywhere
Thumb in my mouth
Sucking contentedly on the familiar
While walking through the unknown

But my faith too often disintegrates
Into a cloud of dirt
And I become Pigpen 


With bows to Emily Dickinson and Gerard Manley Hopkins

If hope is the thing with feathers

– And, ah, bright wings –

Then faith is the greening leaves
And nest-making twigs
High in the branches of love
Rooting down deep
Into my soul’s soil

Hope nests like the robin
Waiting patiently
Knowing beyond knowing
Sitting in her nest of faith
That eggs will hatch
Fledglings will fly
Finding other trees
That need hope
For awhile
Before autumn’s onslaught
Fells the leafs of faith
Then yields to winter’s freeze
That ices over even love
As my soul struggles

Yet always
Sometimes sooner
Oft times later
Spring’s resurrection
Alleluia arises
Freeze yields
Bare branches bud
And hope wings back
To build a nest of faith
In a tree of growing
Living love

Life and Faith

The maze is beautiful
Lush deep shrubs
Seven, maybe eight
Feet tall
The path is smooth
No sign of rocks
To stumble me
Or crevasses
To sink me

The sun is warm
Not hot
Warm and bright
Not too bright
Right bright

Why can’t I move
What are these cords
These invisible tender tight
That hold me in place

What was the name of that child’s game
Indian something, I think
That strange small
Accordion tube
Soft and colorful
You put a finger in each end
When you pulled
To free your fingers
You were stuck

The harder you pulled
The harder the tube resisted
Fingers stuck
That sweet panic started
Titillating almost scary
Almost arousing
To be stuck
By such a colorful playful
Bit of nothing
But to know
All you had to do was relax
Stop pulling your fingers apart
Pull one while the other pushed forward
And the stuckness vanished
A magician’s illusion
Your fingers were soon free
So you did it again

Relax again
And the binds will loosen
Relax and you will
Walk through the maze
Enjoying the challenge
Until the worry binds again
And you forget to relax

You forget
To remember
The loving Family
Mother God
Father God
Brother God
Bound together
With Holy Loving Spirits
Just outside the maze
You will find your way
Confidence and love
On the warm sunshine
Laser cutting those invisible