Our Mother

Our Mother
Who art our earth
Hallowed be your resources
May you flourish more
May we honor your wisdom
As we see it in nature
Thank you for our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses against you
As we recognize they trespass against us too
Let us avoid the temptation of exploitation
Let us be delivered from unwise practices
For you are our home
Yours is true power
In you we should glory
Forever and ever
So be it

The Kingdom of Heaven

The church’s Sequoia 
I cannot climb

Its towering branches
Block the sun

Its massive trunk
I cannot hug

On the dry ground beneath it
Nothing grows


The Christ’s mustard seed
I cup in my palm

Careful not to blow it away
I cradle it

Trusting not to lose it
I bury it in my soul’s rich soil

Soon, by the grace of God
I nest in its low branches