Psalm 26

I need You to claim me, God
As if I had led a blameless life
As if every day had been a best day
Because on a best day
I trust You without wavering
You can examine my thoughts and feelings
And find only love and Your truth
No lies, no hypocrisy, no envy
No sins, no doubts, no failings at all
Just Your innocence and my worship of You
My life resonates with Your praise
My words and actions reflect Your grace, Your salvation
I love Your place in my soul, that interior castle
Where Your glory dwells
So please, God, make this best the daily reality of my life
Don’t let my thoughts, feelings and actions turn dark
Don’t let me sink beneath storms of doubt
Don’t let me forget
Redeem me and be merciful to me
As if I had led a life without doubt, a life always centered on You
Quiet my storms, level my pits
So I can stand secure in Your peace
So I can praise You with my whole being. Amen.

Psalm 27

God is my light and my salvation – What  darkness need I fear?
God is my strength – What  weakness can destroy me?
When the dark and deadly arise in me to devour my peace
When my doubts and depression attack me, they will not, cannot succeed
Though darkness besieges me, God can lighten my heart
Though those warring nations arise inside me, even then I can trust God
One thing I ask of God; this is what I seek: That my spirit may ever find
Rest, peace and shelter in God all the days of my life
That my inner vision remain fixed on the strong beauty of God
That my thoughts ever seek God
Then in my times of trouble God will keep me safe and secure
God will shield me from despair; God will lift me high above depression
Then I will feel exalted, victorious over that creeping darkness
Then I can offer God my joy, my praise, my song, my soul
So, God, please: Hear my voice when I call; have mercy and answer me
My heart tells me to seek You; help me, God, to follow my heart
Don’t give up on me; don’t get angry with me; don’t reject or forsake me
O God, my Savior. Though I sometimes feel forsaken by family, friends
And even by You, God, You keep me close.
So please, teach me Your ways, lead me in Your path
Away from my darkness, away from my doubts and demons
Away from the violence I do to my own peace of mind
So that I can recognize Your goodness all around me
Then I will wait with confidence for You, God
Then I will be strong and take heart and wait – and wait –
Confidently for You, God.  Amen.

Psalm 28

To You I call, O God, my steady support
Do not turn a deaf ear to me
For if You remain silent I will be lost
Lost in the pit of my doubts and darkness
Hear my cry for help, for mercy
As I lift my heart to Your holiness
Do not let me be dragged down by wickedness
Do not let me be good only in how I look to others
While inside my heart turns to evil and malicious thoughts
You and You alone can destroy the darkness in me
Only Your light can banish that darkness
You can tear down the hardened walls around my heart
You can soften my heart as You did Pharaoh’s of old
And so I praise You, my God, knowing You have heard me
Truly You are my strength, the shield of my mind
My heart trusts You; my heart leaps for joy
The joy in my heart spills upward into song and praise
I am Yours. You are my strength and shield, my fortress of salvation
You save me, You save us all, You bless us, You shepherd us, You carry us
Forever. Alleluia and Amen!

Psalm 29 — once and again

In God I find strength, glory and holiness
In God is power and majesty
Uprooting my weakness and troubles
Breaking down my doubts and denial
When I feel close to God, my heart skips and sings
When I feel close to God, my spirit overflows with joy
When I feel close to God, there is no desert in my soul
There is no forest of confusion
There is no storm of uncertainty
Such relief, to believe in, to know, the power of God
My spirit cries “Glory to God”
God is my sovereign forever; God is my strength forever
God blesses me with peace. Amen.
and again:
Let me always acknowledge God’s glory and strength
Let me worship God, humbly before such holiness
Here is my hope and victory:
God rules the world
Oceans and forests, animals and weather, deserts and cities
All heed God’s voice, God’s powerful, majestic voice
As with the physical world, so with my internal world may it be
May God rule, may God be enthroned forever
So I can cry, “Glory! Glory and praise and thanksgiving”
God, give me strength; God, bless me with peace
Your peace that passes understanding. Amen.
(And thank you very much)

Psalm 30

I will turn my thoughts and my thanks to You, God
For lifting me up, for giving me the grace to live well
I turn to You for help and You heal me
You bring me out of those deadly Ds: depression, despair, doubt
Surrounded by, in harmony with, that great cloud of witnesses
I sing to God, I praise the holy name
I may feel God’s anger at moments
But throughout my life I live in God’s love and grace
I may cry through some nights, but morning always comes
There comes – again and again – those times – those blessed times
When I feel secure, when my faith is strong and solid
When I can live in an awareness of God’s grace
When I feel my life is large and strong
But when I am overwhelmed by doubt, I shrink and quake
Then I need Your grace, God, to call to You
As if I have to convince You or remind You
That I cannot praise or appreciate You when I am in that pit of ds
When I am as if just dust with no divine forever
Again and again I need to call out of the dust of my life
Call out to You for grace and mercy, for help
Help to live joyfully, help to lift up my heart
Help to live in thankfulness to You always. Amen