An Epiphany Vision

[I wrote this after attending Epiphany Sunday Mass at a retirement home.]

Three women came
with gifts
for an infant king.

“I bring you my golden youth.
I have little experience,
almost no training,
But oh the energy I can give you,
my enthusiasm and my faith.”

“I bring you my perfumed maturity.
I have so much to do,
so much I am responsible for,
But oh the knowledge I can give you,
my wisdom and my hope.”

“I bring you my camphored age.
I have so little energy left
and my knowledge is all out of date,
But oh the memories I can give you,
my trust and my love.”


We call ourselves so many names:
I am sorry…tired…hungry…hired
I am late…glad…irate…bad
I am fearful…sad…joyful…mad
I am pretty…fearless…weepy…friendless

God says
“I am Who I am”

And calls us beloved.

Faith in God

I remember that old saying,
“If you love someone, let them go. If they come back to you, they are truly yours.”

Or maybe the ending was, “…if they don’t come back to you, they were never truly yours.”

Does that apply, I wonder, to faith?

I have let my faith go so many times.

Always it returns.

Will it always?

Perhaps my hope lies in changing the subject (of the sentence).

Not it always returns.

But God always returns it.

Faith is the object of God’s sentence.

God the eternal, the unchangeable, the divine lover,
will always return my faith to me.

New Year’s Imagine

[My last prompt from Two Sylvias Press – written with a little help from my friends.🙂 Happy New Year, everyone. I hope you will join me in helping, each in our own small way.]

I make my bed
Every day

Everyone makes their bed
Every day

(Of course, everyone would need a bed)

I eat a good breakfast
Every day

Everyone eats a good breakfast
Every day

(Everyone would need enough food)

I do what I love
Every day

Everyone does what they love
Every day

(Everyone would need opportunity)

I have contentment
Every day

Everyone has contentment
Every day

(Everyone would need peace)

Just imagining
That isn’t hard to do
Every day

To make it true
Every day
For everyone
Now, there’s a resolution!

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace
You, you may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will be as one