Psalm 148

Praise God! Praise God with my best and highest
Praise God with all Her angels and great cloud of witnesses
Praise God in my light and in my dark, in all my shining possibility
Praise God in my best times, my brightest thoughts
Praise God who created me
Praise God who keeps me forever and ever, secure in Her embrace
Even in the depths and monsters of my depression
Even in the frosts and fury of my doubts
From my high points and my low alleys
With my best gifts and my worst faults
With my wildness and my work
When I am flying high and when I am barely creeping
When I think I am ruling my own life
Now that I am old, as when I was young
Through it all, let me praise God
God of glory, God of wisdom, God above all
May God hold me close, may God keep me faithful. Amen


Psalm 146

Let me praise God
With every breath
As long as I live
Let me praise God all my life long
I want wisdom not more knowledge
I want sure help not false hope
I want healing not bandaids
All my knowledge, all my schemes
All my best efforts
Will die with me
My happiness, my help, my hope
Must be God
Immortal, almighty
Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer
Lady Wisdom
Faithful to me, She lifts my spirit
Loving me, She feeds my hope
God frees me
God’s light banishes my darkness
God’s steadfast love makes me whole
She comforts me, protects me
She, only She, destroys my enemies, those terrible Ds
Let God reign in my heart forever
My God for all my life long
Praise God! Amen.

Psalm 134

Come, let me bless God
With that great cloud of witnesses
Let me make my life God’s house
Let me lift up my hands in worship
And bless God
And, please, may God,
God almighty, God omnipotent
God creator of time and the universe
Please, may God bless me. Amen

Psalm 127

Here is what the psalmist reminds me:
Unless God builds my interior castle
I will never succeed in making it secure
Unless God guards the days of my life
I will struggle in vain to find joy
I can spend long days studying myself
I can fill myself with anxiety and worry
Useless and vain, all is vanity
I find rest only in God’s love
These words, my prayers, are my heritage from God
The fruit of God’s birthing in my life
Let my words, my prayers fly like arrows
Like arrows in Katniss’ hands
Straight to God
These words, these prayers bring me such joy and peace
As they fly from me to God
In these prayers is my security, my safety
My defeat of my terrible Ds*. Amen
My terrible Ds: depression, doubt, darkness, deceit, discouragement, despair…

Psalm 128

Joy, joy is mine when I walk with God

When I pray and write, when I pay attention to God

I am happy and it goes well with me

My life is like a vine, like an olive grove, like a garden

Bearing fruit, nourishing me and those I love

Blessing me, when I worship God

God, Mother Wisdom, who guides me

God, Father Creator, who blesses me

God, Brother Savior, who gives me hope

May I see You, worship You, believe in You

All the days of my life

Thank You that I have lived to see my children’s children

God’s peace be with me always. Amen