Gracelessness, Please

Dear Goddess, God, Divinity, Higher Power, Whoever
I would like a favor, a blessing, a grace, a whatever

I would like to do things badly
Well not quite
What I mean is
I would like to not have to do things well

Grant me satisfaction with imperfection
(since that is all I can ever achieve, be)

Let me enjoy the doing more than the done

Amen, Namaste, Shalom, Blessings be, Whatever

Oh, and thank you


Certainty has become a weapon
Sharp and deadly
Strident and unyielding

Ah, I could fill the page
With the certainties
Of this, our time, our world

But instead I think I will go lie in the shade
Listen to the breeze in the trees
Lazily let my eyes follow a falling leaf
Yawn and stretch
Close my eyes
Enjoy my body
And maybe even twitch my tail

Lost and Found

I found God
rocking on the back porch
as water fell
from pitcher to pitcher to pitcher
into our small - micro really
rock pond

Across the lawn
I glimpsed the infinity
of God
in blades of grass
burning bushes
Carolina jasmine
daffodil bulbs
waiting to be planted
Japanese maples
old and new
upright and weeping
tall and small
and our towering Norway spruce
keeping careful guard
as robber squirrels
raid the garden

There sat God
with my husband
so I quietly joined them
to worship at the feet
of our world