One God in Family Unity

God the Father
God the Son
God the Holy Spirit

Or, if you prefer non-gendered:

One God in Three Persons

But where, pray tell:
God the Mother
God the Daughter
God the Other

Or, if you prefer non-gendered:

One God in Family Unity

Why so dense a theology?
Why so strained a philosophy?
To explain three in one, or more in one
When the family is there
God’s explanation
For all to see

Except that would mean
The divine feminine:

God the Mother
God the Father
God the Child

Holy Trinity
Holy Family


Spice Song

Richly roundly smoothly darkly brown
Nutmeg plays the spicey melody
Cloves, spikey and pungent, sound deep soothing bass notes
Long light cinnamon sticks, orchestral reeds, lighten and brighten
Nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon:
Rich earthly smells ringing, singing song blankets
To cover tired eyes, wrap worn spirits in
Warmthly richness inhaled comforts
Scently goodness heals
Simply spices

Inspired by Nicolas of Cusa

“In all faces is seen the Face of faces, veiled in a billion riddles.” Nicolas of Cusa

I see the one true Face in every face;
A world’s billion riddles of the divine.
So said Cusa’s mystic of sublime grace
Whose eyes could see divinity’s design.

I know myself blinded by race, by age,
By wealth, by lack of faith in those others.
Scruffy conmen on street corners assuage
My guilt. Surely they are not my brothers?

But how can I, a white American,
Know much of life’s crueler crushing portions?
What does it mean that I attempt more than
Another to see beyond self-absorptions?

Only the love of our divine Mother
Can open our blind eyes to each other.

I Do Not Need

I do not need deep drinks to quench my thirst:
a sip supplies.
I do not need soft songs to soothe my ears:
a chord comforts.
I do not need long looks to please my eyes:
a glimpse gladdens.
I do not need sweet smells to tease my nose:
a whiff welcomes.
I do not need love’s lust to wake my skin:
a touch transcends.
I do not need rare rites to know my God:
a prayer portends.
A sip, a chord, a glimpse, a whiff, a touch,
a simple prayer brings God Herself to me.

Another Psalm-Inspired Sonnet

I feel forgotten now that I am old.
Once, long ago, I felt my life was blessed;
I had no doubts, no fears, no need to guess.
No one but God can save me, I was told.
No warmth but God’s can break cold Satan’s hold.
I planned to make You my heart’s greatest guest.
The nuns who taught me gave You all their best.
From them I learned You were my whole life’s goal.

But now, ah now, doubt freezes my cold heart.
My soul is caught in winter’s icy glove.
I long for You to melt my heart with love.
I long for You to break my ice apart.
Then, warm with Your love’s everlasting fire,
I’ll raise my voice in song with harp and lyre.

In Comfort Smug

[This past Sunday there was a hard rain during and after Sunday Mass. I was struck by the contrast between God’s wild, unpredictable and sometimes dangerous world, and the safe, predictable rites we have created to worship that God. So I tried, with limited success, to capture that in a sonnet.]

Smart lines of cars in ceaseless rhythm come
In careful rows to park as peals the bell
So many hope to shirk the chains of hell
In prudent pews amid the loud and dumb.

Where priestly man who treads the sacred boards
In surplice, alb and stole directs the show
To altar steps the chosen few who know
To bind their god in sacramented cords.

Rise hymns and pray’rs to build the prison strong
Lest god or goddess ‘spite their rites escape
Then havoc cry as gods of war do rape
In church the sav’d in comfort smug belong.

Outside Her rain in downward torrent pours
Immortal God our drab beliefs abhors.

Beyond Words: A Haibun on the Divine

In the beginning, the silence took form and became noise. Eons passed and noise became language. With language we babble our prison names to entrap the nameless silence, the noise creator. We speak…
Names for a maker: God, Goddess, Architect of the World, Fashioner, Designer, Carver, Molder, Hewer, Weaver, Creator, Creatrix.
Names calling forth greatness: Great Spirit, Alone the Great One, the One Who Sees All.
Sovereign names: Almighty King, Queen of Heaven, Highest of the Highest.
Names of strength: Mighty One, Sky Woman, Rock of the World, the Strong One, the Powerful One.
Parental names: Father, Great Mother, the One Who Gives Birth, Mother Bird, Mother Hen, Mother Bear.
Names of a comforter: Friend of the World, Searcher of Hearts, Lord of Consolations, the One Who Understands, the One Who Spoke, Greatest of Friends.
Names for a savior: Protector of the Poor, Guardian of Orphans, Watcher of Everything, Savior of All
Names whispered to a lover: Beloved, Heart of Israel, the One Who Loves.
Holiness names: the Holy One, Wisdom, Sophia, Justice of the World, Peace of the World, Merciful One.
Names for the eternal unknowable: the One Who Dwells in Hidden Places, the Shining One, the Unknown God, the One Who Does Not Die.
Our Babel tower rises, rises, name upon name, image upon image, word upon word, year upon year, people upon people. We climb our steep stairs to the divine, twisting, turning, breathless, determined. We climb through earth and wood, bones and leaves, iron and stone, steel and plastic. Step by step, name by name, we climb into our tall prison, searching, forgetting, until we step into nothingness and fall, flailing, screaming wordlessly into silence.

I dream of God who dreams me
Then, Now, Forevermore
Silence calls my dream God forth