Boxing Day Foolery

[I am afraid this prompt, and my tiredness, brought out the worst in me – at least I hope it is the worst.]

I wore a fedora
To enhance my aura
When I casually went
In the Jaguar for rent
To a movie theater
On a street called Decatur
In old New Orleans
A city of red beans
And rice every Monday
But Never on Someday

What movie did I see
So happily?
I can’t quite remember
Something Something September
Or was it The Rise of Jedi
Or Mary Popeye?
The Return of Skywalker
Or The Victory is Darker?

Enough of this prompt’s foolery
Of meaningless buffoonery

Christmas Repast

[Written in response to the Christmas Day prompt, in the form suggested by the prompt.]

A warm Advent season, a warm Christmas Day. Birds – and squirrels – flock to the bird feeder outside our dining room window. Our two dogs prowl the deck outside the sliding glass door, ever hopeful for a leftover snack, while someone’s black and white cat sneaks along the porch railing. We gather at table. Mom worries about old age clumsiness. Woody worries about unexpected visitors. Adrienne worries about food too cold or too hot. Philip worries about his toddler eating a purple marker. Andi worries about Philip’s anxieties. Galen worries because he can’t hear very well. Mary Lou worries, just worries, always, as if it is her duty, or her privilege. Everyone happy, if not totally content. Everyone relaxed, if not totally at ease. Everyone pleased, if not totally sure of themselves. We are human, humans, individually and together, gathered on Christmas Day. Family incarnate. Love newborn and everlasting.
Emmanuel, God With Us. Even as I am thankful, I spare a little envy for the animals. For their uncomplicated self-love.

Adrienne’s Friendship Insight

[For the Christmas Eve prompt from Two Sylvias Press]

Friendships start
good times
easy times
hopeful times
eager times

Friendships fade
changing times
hard times
sad times
withdrawn times

Friendships deepen
through all times
even times
without contact
for years

Then a lunch, maybe,
with hands held
for a moment
shared private losses
hard choices

Friendships deepen
through all times
even times
living apart
maybe for years

Visits and phone calls
FaceTime and Skype
virtual shared cuppas
travel together
rejoicing together
laughing together
sorrowing together
crying together
sharing wisdom and folly

Acquaintance, colleague, chum
come and go, start and end
In my life just a few become
a treasured wondrous friend

Contemplating Procrastinating

Why is it so easy to remember
the undone?

Do I ever lie abed,
not even dreaming of sleep

long into a restless night
recounting what I have done?

The presents bought
soon sink

treasures in deep quiet waters
of done

the presents unbought
bob and float

jetsam in stormy seas
of unease

Promises kept, projects finished
duties done, agenda accomplished

These have small space in memory.
Their stay is short, their value small.

But the one undone, ignored,
dreaded, or simply avoided

Ah, such a one glues itself to my soul,
wraps itself around my awareness

toothpicks my sleepless eyes,
treadmills my restless limbs

devil to the god of peace,
demon spawn of conscience.

Procrastination we name it:
“For tomorrow”

As if it were a positive contained thing,
a plan, an eagerly awaited opportunity.

we should name it

“Not today”
Never today

The done is yesterday
dismissed, discounted

The planned is tomorrow
anticipated, awaited

The deferred is

prolonged, postponed,
protracted, paused

Never today

Sans Emojis

[Another day, another prompt, another attempt at poetry]

Before emojis
Sometimes in bouquets
Like a single rose
Rising inside baby’s breath
The fortunate words so wreathed
((((became special))))
— Noticeable —

Before emojis
Especially when paired with !!!
Or repeated
Hinted at emotions
Surprised confusion!?!?

We curse wordlessly
We pause,
We imply intimacies…
We continue &
We connect;
“We quote”
Sometimes we just prevaricate////
Until we come to a full stop.
All without emojis

Cuppa Comfort

[Yesterday’s poem never got posted, but I had double the enjoyment – in both the writing of it and in the doing of the topic.]

Egyptian licorice tea
Anticipation begins the pleasure

Fill the electric kettle

While the water comes to boil
Open the cupboard
Take the teabag from the colorful box

Turn to the open shelves
For the favorite mug
The one from Bonnieux

“Our” hanging village
In the Provençal Luberon mountains
Hills really
Above lavender fields
Villages built on heights for defense
Cascaded down the sides
Over the years, centuries
Bonnieux almost reaching down to the Pons Julien
Built for tramping Roman legions
Now no stranger to cars

The water is boiling
Just a little in the cup
Cradled in my hands as I swish the water
Around and around, warming cup and hands

Dump the warming water
Put the teabag in the cup
Wrap the string once around the handle
Pour in the boiling water
The aroma soothes and revives
Long before the tea is ready to drink

Egyptian licorice tea
Memories of France
Equally comforting

One Bright Spot

The road twists and turns
Through sharps and flats
Like the notes of a familiar tune

Winter trees with bare limbs twined
Rise to either side
Screen the setting sun

The road flows in westward arpeggios
So I need my sunglasses on
Although day is fast yielding to dusk

The striated sky does not blaze today
But fades to light blue
With dusky pink clouds hugging the horizon

A single small streak of brighter pink
Slices through, just above the earth-air border
Glistens against the calmer shades

I tip my sunglasses up
While careful to keep my attention mostly
On the curves and dips of the musical road

Even without my polarized glasses
I can see that single pink streak
Brightens one spot in the dusky sky

Just one bright spot
That I can look at only fleetingly
As I drive the road carefully

Just one bright spot
But it is enough