Psalm 118

O give thanks to God, for She is good
Her steadfast love endures forever
When I am happy and content, let me say
Her steadfast love endures forever
When I struggle and doubt, let me say
Her steadfast love endures forever
When I am hurt and angry, let me say
Her steadfast love endures forever
In all circumstances, let me say
Her steadfast love endures forever
And let me rejoice
Distressed, I called to God
And She answered me – time and again
With God I do not need to fear
My own darkness, my own badness
God is on my side to help me
And so I shall triumph over my hates
I take refuge in God
God who is a safer shelter than all my own thoughts
Than all my own attempts
Than all my own philosophies and psychologies
My troubles, my failures surrounded me, overwhelmed me
Threatened to utterly defeat me
But God helped me, God saved me
God is my strength and my might, my salvation
And so I am quietly glad
Perhaps there will be other times of noisy gladness
Of shouting those glad songs of victory
But today, this morning, the quiet gladness is enough
To know that God is with me
Even when I fail to be what I want to be
To know that God is exalted
Even when I doubt that God even exists
I shall not die, I shall live
I shall live in God
I shall try to remember God’s grace to me
I shall try to remember that God has saved me
I still struggle, I still feel abandoned at times
But God did not give me over to death – not ever
Let me enter into God’s righteousness
(Having none of my own)
And give thanks
Thank You, God, that You have answered me
And have become my salvation
“The stone that the builders rejected
Has become the chief cornerstone.”
The cornerstone of my life
This is God’s doing and it is marvelous
This is the day that God has made
Let me rejoice and be glad in it
Again and again I have to come back to pleading
Save me, please, God, save me
Give me success in my struggles with myself
Blessed am I when God is with me
Blessed am I when I see by God’s light
Blessed am I when I worship God
You are my God and I will give thanks to You
You are my God and I praise You
O my soul, give thanks to God
For She is good
Her steadfast love endures forever. Amen


Psalm 116

I love God because She has heard my cries and pleas
Lady Wisdom never fails
I promise myself: I will turn to God as long as I live
Again and again, my deadly tendencies entrap me
Aain and again, my ugly enemies lay hold of me
I become distressed and discouraged, doubting and depressed
Again and again I have to call on God
“O God, I pray, save my life, my sanity, my faith!”
God is gracious
Gracious and righteous and merciful
God protects the simple – and I am simple
God saves those who are brought low – and I am brought low
Return, O my soul, to rest in faith
For God will continue to help me
Continue to save me
Continue to deal bountifully with me
You, God, and only You have delivered me from living death
Time and time again
From killing doubt, from deadly rage, from drowning depression
I cry but I also laugh
I stumble but I also skip
I doubt but I also believe
Help Thou my unbelief
Sometimes, when the darkness is on me
I think it is all a lie
I think You are a figment of imagination, of unfounded hope
But You never abandon me to those times
You rescue me, You restore me, You save me
Help me, God, to continue to honor You, praise You
Help me to remember Your reality, Your love, Your mercy
Help me to worship You
Precious in the sight of God
Is even the struggles, the trials of Her faithful ones
God, I am Your servant, the child of my mother
My mother, whose life has been spent in obedience to Your church
You loose my spirit’s bonds
I praise and worship You
I offer You my life, which is already Yours
In Your great cloud of witnesses, I bow to You, I praise You. Amen


This began during meditation after yoga, I found myself praying with my breaths :

Glory be to God my Father,
Glory be to God my Mother,
Glory be to God my Brother,

Glory be to God the Holy Spirit,
Glory be to God the Lady Wisdom.
Glory be to God the Divine Teacher.

Glory be to God of enduring love.
Glory be to God of steadfast faithfulness.
Glory be to God of unfailing forgiveness.

Glory be to God of beginnings.
Glory be to God of now.
Glory be to eternal God forevermore. Amen

Psalm 111

Praise God!
As Mary praised and magnified God
Who had done great things for her
So I give thanks and praise to God
With my whole heart I praise God
Who counts me among the upright
Among the congregation
Despite my failings
God’s own work in my life is great
Delighting me and those who love me
God’s work in my life is honor and majesty
Forever enduring righteousness
Despite my failings
I know God’s wonderful deeds for me
I know God’s grace and mercy to me
God nourishes my soul, sustains my peace
When I but remember Her
God remembers Her promises
God is faithful even when I am not
God shows me, time and again, Her power
In my life, for me
God welcomes me as Her child, Her heir
I recognize God’s work in me
As faithful and just, trustworthy and upright
God redeemed me; God loves me forever
Holy and awesome is God’s name, God’s power in my life
My reverence for God is, always, the beginning of wisdom
My forgetting of God is, time and time, the forsaking of wisdom
May my life forever praise and honor God. Amen

Psalm 112

Praise God!
I am happiest, most peaceful, most content
When I live within awareness of God
When I delight in following Her way
The psalmist is right
The two ways of living contrast so completely
When God is a daily part of my life, my awareness
I move through my life with quiet assurance
I am thankful for my children and their children
I forgive easily
I feel blessed
I know myself to be rich in every way that counts
I trust God’s righteousness in me, guiding my life
God’s light can shine through me for others
God’s light can shine through my own darkness and doubts
Because God is gracious, merciful and righteous to me
I can be kind and generous to others
I can work for justice
How I love these times when I feel secure in my faith
When I feel that I will never be moved from living with God
Then I am not afraid of troubles, of my own dark tendencies
My heart is firm, secure in God
My heart is steady, I am not afraid
I know that, with God, at the end of my life
She will give me triumph over my struggles
Meanwhile, I hope to live generously, wisely
Sharing what I have
Sharing God’s righteousness all the days of my life
With God, through God, my own wickedness will melt away
My terrible Ds will not win
Out from my desolation, God will lead me to Her consolation. Amen

Psalm 113

Praise God!

Let me join the great cloud of witnesses

Who praise the name of God

Blessed in my life be the name of God

From this time on and forevermore

From my waking to my sleeping

May I praise God and what She does for me

God is highest, bestest, greatest

God is sovereign

In the world and in my life

My spirit is often troubled

My doubts return again and again

I struggle again and again with the familiar problems

Depression, doubt, despair, darkness, desolation

Rage and bitterness, jealousy and competition

They are real, they can be terrible

But God is greater

God is higher than my deepest depths are low

God is brighter than my darkest night is dark

God raises me from the dust of my troubles

God lifts me up from the ashes of my efforts

God clears my mind, my heart, my soul

So that I feel secure and honored, loved and protected

Just when I feel I have nothing left to give

Nothing worthwhile in me

God’s fills my emptiness with Her grace, with Her joy

Praise God! Amen