Psalm 20

Oh dear God, answer me when I am in distress
Can the name of the God of that great cloud of witnesses,
Those thousands of years of believers, really protect me?
God of peace, help me
God of strength, support me
Remember me, remember my prayers
Remember the times I offered You my contrite heart
Give me good and holy desires
Let my worthy plans succeed
Give me faith and hope, courage and conviction
Confidence and joy, victory over my warring emotions
Let me know this, remember this:
That You give victory to those who turn to You
You answer prayers
You lend me Your own power
Sometimes I trust in yoga, sometimes in psychology
Sometimes in others, sometimes in myself
But when I trust in You, when I trust in You
Ah, then I fall to my knees to worship You
Yet stand firm against my own weaknesses
So give me a royal victory
Answer me when I remember to call on You
(Please and thank You). Amen

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