Psalm 52

Why do I take pride in the wrong things and think myself better than others?
I fool myself, I tear myself down by such thoughts
I get everything backwards, I value the worthless and throw away the precious
Too easily my thoughts become words, disparaging words, hurtful words, that can’t be unsaid
God, Sovereign Wisdom Woman, You can stop me, You can turn me from such thoughts
You can give me Your righteousness so that I can laugh at myself, appreciate my own absurdity
Do I want to depend upon the strength of money and reputation, both of which can be stolen and destroyed?
Or, like the olive tree, do I want to flourish drawing life and strength from God’s unfailing richness?
From God’s love forever and ever
Do this for me, please God, that I may praise You forever
Hoping always in Your name, trusting always in Your love
Flourishing always in Your goodness, praising You always. Amen.

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