Psalm 57

Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy
For in You my soul takes refuge
I will take refuge in the shadow of Your wings when disaster threatens
I cry out to You, God most high, help me live Your purpose for me
You came from heaven to save me, saving me from my terrible Ds
You – in infinite love and never-failing faithfulness
I feel like I am in the midst of ravenous lions – and that’s when I am alone
My peace of mind is shattered as if by spears and arrows
My own tongue can be like a sharp sword
What a contrast my moaning and troubles are to Your exalted place of peace
O God, Lady Wisdom, above the heavens
Your glory is wide enough to cover me, to hide me
Yet I feel trapped in a net of my own making
Bowed down by my faults, sinking into a pit of doubt and despair
Please give me a steadfast heart, O God,
Let me sing and make music with a light heart
Awake, oh my soul, awake, sweet music of my soul
Awake to dawning Light
God of Light, I want to praise You all my days: days that You have blessed
For great is Your love, reaching beyond heaven and earth
Beyond life and death, beyond right and wrong
Great is Your faithfulness, staying beyond my doubts
So You are exalted, O God, Lady Wisdom, above the heavens
Your glory wide enough to cover me. Amen.

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