Psalm 72

In God alone – Creator, Redeemer Sustainer Wisdom Woman God
Is there justice and righteousness
Power to defeat my enemies
God alone can I trust to judge me with merciful righteousness
To have pity on my poor efforts
With God, my mountain-top gladness will be gladder still
With God, my oppressing valleys will be filled; my poor efforts will be blessed
I will be delivered from my worst troubles
And so may God be the sun and moon of my life, my eternity
May God bless my parched soul with Her own sweet water of eternal life
So that through all my days, I may live in God’s righteousness and peace
May God have dominion over all of my life
Waking and sleeping, highs and lows
Triumphs and disappointments, strengths and weaknesses
May my terrible Ds bow down before God because God can do what I cannot
God can ground my terribleness into dust
May I remember to give God the praise for my best
Let my worst – darkness, doubt, despair, doom-saying
Depression, disgust, deceit – fall down before God
For God delivers me when I am needy and call, when I am down, when I feel alone
Without help or hope for redeeming my worst mistakes: God delivers me, redeems me, renews me, loves me even
God takes pity on me and saves my eternal life
From my oppressive faults, my violence to myself and others, God saves me, redeems me, renews me, loves me
Long may God live in me, in my mind and heart; long may I give glory to God
Long may I turn to God in prayer and in thankfulness
May my life be turned around, yet again – one more time – and then again, so that I turn from the dark to the light, so that my days may be filled with peace and blessings for others, so that I may enrich God’s world
May God’s name endure forever in my heart, may God’s fame continue as long as I live under the sun
May I always – in all circumstances – bless God
Blessed be Lady Wisdom, the God of Sarah and Ruth, Esther and Mary
Who alone does wondrous things for me
Blessed be God’s glorious name forever, may Her glory fill my whole life.
Amen and Amen.

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