Psalm 86

Supplication for Help against Enemies

Hear me and answer me, God, for I am poor in spirit and needy
Shall I bargain with You?
Preserve my peace of mind and I will be devoted to You
You will be my God
Well, You are God but I will worship You as MY God
Still, always, I come crying to You to save me, although You already have
But I guess I am greedy as well as needy
Because I want more
I want You to save me from myself
I want You to make me happy, to lift my spirits
To prove how good and forgiving You are
To answer when I ask for Your help
To answer in the way that I want

[Shall I pause here to remind You how great You are?
That there is none other like You
That everyone and everything bows before You
You are great, You do wondrous things, You alone are God]

So here’s what I want
First, I want You to teach me how to live as Your child
How to live in Your truth, how to glorify You always
How to revere You with an undivided heart
That’s not too much to ask, is it?
After all, Your love for me is steadfast
You have already saved me
So, second, I want You to win my battles for me
You know my enemies: the terrible Ds
That destroy my peace, shred my faith, bury my hope
I count on You to be merciful and gracious
Please, I ask You, be slow to get angry with me
Be steadfast in Your abounding love for me
Be faithful to me even when I am doubting and faithless myself
Be gracious to me
Win my battles with Your strength
Save me, show me Your favor
Help me, comfort me, heal me
Make me better, please. Amen.

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