Psalm 98

I sing to God a new song
I name God Lady Wisdom, Wisdom Woman and sing to Her a new song
My own unique-to-right-now new song
And my new song sings of the eternal song
Of God’s marvelous saving majestic powerful unfailing love
Of the times in my life when God’s love is victorious
I sing because that is all times
I sing of the times when I know it to be true
I sing of God’s steadfast love
God’s enduring faithfulness
To me
All my life, all my life
When I know it and when I deny it
I live within God’s victory for me
Make a joyful noise to God, o my soul
With that great cloud of witnesses
Sing and dance and shout for joy
Forget those terrible Ds
(At least for now)
Enjoy this sureness, this confidence
In the greatness, the triumph, the love of God
With all the waters of the seas
With all the depths of my feelings
With all the lands of earth
With all the breadth of my thoughts
With all the floods and mountains
With all my love and hope
I will sing my own ever-new song
Joining the everlasting song of joy
For the coming of God, Lady Wisdom
For the righteousness of God, Wisdom Woman
For the saving grace and equity of my God. Amen

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