Psalm 106: Nevertheless She Persisted

Praise God!
Give thanks to Lady Wisdom
For Her love persists forever
Can I ever thank God enough
Praise God enough
Wouldn’t it be wonderful
If I lived my whole life
Praising God
Giving thanks
Acting justly
Doing what is right
Ah yes, then I would deserve reward
Then I would merit saving
Then I wouldn’t need saving
But here’s the sad truth
Time and time again
I forget
I wander
I grumble
I close my eyes to Her light
I stumble in my darkness, my blindness
When I feel enslaved by my own selfishness
I forget God is with me
When I wallow in my own doubts
I forget God drives those doubts aside
When I wander lost in the wilderness of despair
I forget God feeds my spirit
When I give my time, my worship to unwise pursuits
I forget the peace I find in God
When I sacrifice love to anger
I forget God’s gentleness with me
When I live a half life, married to trivial things
I forget the fullness of life with God
When depression captures me
I forget God’s power to free me
With the psalmist I look back
I look back on the long history
Of God’s enduring love
To a faithless people
A doubting people
A grumbling people
A wicked people
A captive people
And I see myself
But I see God too
Her love
Her splendor
Her power
Her forgiveness
Her persistence
As always, for all people
She sees my distress
She hears my cry
She remembers me
She loves me
She saves me
She gathers me in
That I may give thanks to Her holy name
That I may glory in Her praise
Praise be to Lady Wisdom
Sovereign God of Israel
My God
From everlasting to everlasting
With that great cloud of witnesses
I joyously whisper shout, AMEN!

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