God’s soap and other thoughts

Morning meditation thoughts: More and more I feel that to follow Jesus the person requires that we stop thinking in dichotomies. We can’t think of loving or being loved, success or failure, or even – as St. Paul said – man or woman, believer or non-believer, slave or free (or immigrant or native).

And here are my third grade theologians’ insights from last Sunday:
When we were talking about The Lord’s Prayer and the meaning of “Thy will be done on earth as in heaven” one of my quiet girls offered softly, “I think it means we should always act as if we were right in front of God.”

Later another girl asked what the words “sanctifying grace” (that she had heard in Mass) meant. So we talked about it for awhile and then one of the boys said, “Oh, so sanctifying grace is God’s soap for our souls.”

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