[In memoriam: Sandra Annette Bland (February 7, 1987 – July 13, 2015)]

I can feel her
Doing what she can
To fight the depression
Defy the discouragement
Control the rage

She takes a job in southern Texas
Southern Texas! Saints preserve us
Almost there and she is pulled over

Pulled over for no good reason
And one bad one
Told to put out her cigarette
Her cigarette in her car

I can feel her
If I let it start, it will never stop
No, just no

I can feel her
Threatened, grabbed, thrown down

I can feel her
Protesting, screaming, crying

I can feel her
Then in a cell

I can feel her
Remember her
Mourn her
Though I am white

Every time. Every time
I change lanes without signaling
I think, “Sandra Bland”
And then,
“I am white though.”

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