Psalm 127

Here is what the psalmist reminds me:
Unless God builds my interior castle
I will never succeed in making it secure
Unless God guards the days of my life
I will struggle in vain to find joy
I can spend long days studying myself
I can fill myself with anxiety and worry
Useless and vain, all is vanity
I find rest only in God’s love
These words, my prayers, are my heritage from God
The fruit of God’s birthing in my life
Let my words, my prayers fly like arrows
Like arrows in Katniss’ hands
Straight to God, my Lady Wisdom
These words, these prayers bring me such joy and peace
As they fly from me to God, Wisdom Woman
In these prayers is my security, my safety
My defeat of my terrible Ds*. Amen
My terrible Ds: depression, doubt, darkness, deceit, discouragement, despair…

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