Psalm 135

Praise God!
Praise the name of God
Give praise, O my soul, to our God
I am one of God’s household
Not servant, but child
I enjoy God’s favor
Praise God, for God is good to me
I will sing and shout for joy
For God is gracious to me
God has chosen me for Herself
I belong to God
I know that God is great
Greater than all my troubles
Greater than all my worries
Greater than all my doubts
God, mighty Creator
God, Sovereign in all the world, the universe
God of nature, God of humans
God of my world and God of my life
Let me remember what God has done in history
In the history of Her people
And in the history of my life
The times She freed Her people
The times She freed me
The times She defeated the enemies of Her people
The times She defeated my terrible doubts and distress
God’s name, God’s power endures forever
Through all the ages of my life
God helps me, saves me, redeems me
And has compassion on me
Power, riches, renown, even simple comfort
Are idols, the work of human hands
Unable to speak truth
Unable to see my needs
Unable to ear my pleas
Unable to give me life
If I trust such things to bring me happiness
I will find only disappointment
So let me live as one of God’s household
Let me bless God
With that great cloud of witnesses
With Sarah and Miriam, Ruth and Deborah
Let me bless God
Let me honor the God of my heritage
Praise God! Amen

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