Psalm 137

By the rivers of my distractions

I weep

I remember, long for, Your peace that passes understanding

But my joy is strangled in the branches of my despair

When I try to sing

My disquiet silences me

How can I sing of God’s goodness

When I feel forsaken and exiled, depressed and distressed

And yet, when I forget God, when I doubt God

My spirit withers

My words dry up

When I do not set God

Above all other pleasures in my life

As my greatest joy and peace

Ah, God, I know these times of disquiet

When my heart tells me to doubt Your existence

Your power, love and grace

Ah, these devastating, depressing times

I will be happy when these times are banished forever

I will know Your peace when my terrible Ds are smashed

Smashed against the reality of You. Amen

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