Psalm 145

I praise You, my Sovereign God, and bless Your name forever
Every day, every day, I want to bless You and praise You
I want to live within sureness of Your unsearchable greatness
I come back to these psalms to remind myself of You
To live again within Your majesty, Your wonder, Your mighty acts
So that I can proclaim again, to myself, the wonder of You
Of Your abundant goodness, Your enduring righteousness
You are gracious and merciful to me, slow to anger
Abounding in steadfast love
Good to me, to all of me, and compassionate because You made me
I want my life to be one of thanksgiving to You, O God
I want my life to speak, without words, of Your glory and power
Of Your love, Your splendor, Your salvation
I want to live always within Your truth, throughout my life
I want to believe in Your faithfulness, Your grace, Your reality
I need You to keep me from falling, from being bowed and broken
I need You to keep me close and to feed my spirit
I need You to open Your hand and give me what my spirit needs
I need to believe that
You are always just and kind
You are always near when I call
You hear me, answer me, save me
You watch over me, love me, protect me
I want to praise You, God, to give thanks for Lady Wisdom, always. Amen

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