Ode to Alliteration

[Rebecca’s challenge today was to write a poem to something or someone. So I spent the day talking to rocks and trees, my car and my computer, my mind and my estranged daughter (none of which is unusual for me). But in the end inspiration failed and I opted for silliness, based on my tendency to over use alliteration.]

Alliteration, all I ask of you is an agreeable
beginning before becoming burdensome
can you convey my cleverness or
do I detect some duplicity
even as I evoke your energy
favoring form over focus
giving me garrulous grandiosity with
heaps of holesome humor
I intend no insight nor inherent interest
just juggling juicy words that
kindle kaleidoscope keyboarding
lines lingering long in
minds made messy by meaningless
noisy notes of nothing
only once off on this now onerous
path I persevere with peevish perverseness
Questioning my quietly queasy
Recently regretted
too tedious too tender too
unconsciously unarmed
verily, verily, variously viewed
while whatever wellspring of wished for
x-poetry as extreme x-sport
yelds only yearnings for
zizzling, sizzling zeniths.

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