A Haibun to God

[A haibun is a form that mixes prose and poetry, starting with prose and ending with a haiku that is a related extension, but not repetition, of the prose. The “official” challenge for today was to write a haibun “that takes in the natural landscape of the place you live” but that is not what happened for me, although maybe, in a sense, it did.]

She who writes, writes, and I read, names of God in long lists (even before adding the feminist sensibilities) like incipient poetry, on and on, from religions and nations, tribes and cultures: Creator, Father, Friend of the World, Mighty One, Searcher of Hearts, Lord of Consolations, Beloved, the One Who Dwells in Hidden Places, the Heart of Israel, the One Who Understands, the One Who Spoke, Justice of the World, Rock of the World, the Holy One, Peace of the World, Strong One, Merciful One, Fashioner, Designer, Carver, Molder, Hewer, Architect of the World, Alone the Great One, the Powerful One, Shining One, the One Who Sees All, Greatest of Friends, Protector of the Poor, Guardian of Orphans, Watcher of Everything, Savior of All, the One Who Loves, the One Who Does Not Die, Highest of the Highest and the Unknown. And then, and then, she rebirths the feminine: Great Mother, the One Who Gives Birth, Queen of Heaven, Mother Bird, Mother Hen, Mother Bear, Wisdom, Sophia, Sky Woman, Spirit Creatrix, Goddess.
I dream of God who dreams me
Then Now Forevermore
Silence calls my dream God forth


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