Entries in a Dream Dictionary

[The “official” NaPoWriMo prompt for today was “…to write entries for an imaginary dream dictionary…” using one or more of several words. I was having fun, so I used all of the words.]

Tempest cup, my world and worries
Spill over your brim, into my dreams
Brewing ground for nightmares

Thor’s hammer, you strike my fears
Nail them into my dreams
Tethering bolts for nightmares

High flying gull, you carry away my pain
Soar me through sleep’s ether
Gripping talons for sweet dreams

Ballet slipper:
Soft slipper, you firmly tie my longings
Bind them for my waking
Dancing shoe in night’s sonata

Sharp-toothed shark, you pierce my failures
Chew up my efforts on razor edges
Blood-drawing carnivore of regrets

Wobbly table:
Uneven table, you hold my hopes
Balance them on too few feet
Shaking confidence in myself

Fearsome doctor, you excise my wisdom
Hold it up for me to mourn
Exacting physician of folly

Oared boat, you challenge my love
Dare me to risk the deep
Offering room for one more


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