Babel: A Haibun on the Divine

In the beginning, the silence took form and became noise. Eons passed and noise became language. With language we babble our prison names to entrap the nameless silence, the noise creator. We speak…

Names for a maker: God, Goddess, Architect of the World, Fashioner, Designer, Carver, Molder, Hewer, Weaver, Creator, Creatrix.

Names calling forth greatness: Great Spirit, Alone the Great One, the One Who Sees All.

Sovereign names: Almighty King, Queen of Heaven, Highest of the Highest.

Names of strength: Mighty One, Sky Woman, Rock of the World, the Strong One, the Powerful One.

Parental names: Father, Great Mother, the One Who Gives Birth, Mother Bird, Mother Hen, Mother Bear.

Names of a comforter: Friend of the World, Searcher of Hearts, Lord of Consolations, the One Who Understands, the One Who Spoke, Greatest of Friends.

Names for a savior: Protector of the Poor, Guardian of Orphans, Watcher of Everything, Savior of All

Names whispered to a lover: Beloved, Heart of Israel, the One Who Loves.

Holiness names: the Holy One, Wisdom, Sophia, Justice of the World, Peace of the World, Merciful One.

Names for the eternal unknowable: the One Who Dwells in Hidden Places, the Shining One, the Unknown God, the One Who Does Not Die.

Our Babel tower rises, rises, name upon name, image upon image, word upon word, year upon year, people upon people. We climb our steep stairs to the divine, twisting, turning, breathless, determined. We climb through earth and wood, bones and leaves, iron and stone, steel and plastic. Step by step, name by name, we climb into our tall prison, searching, forgetting, until we step into nothingness and fall, flailing, screaming wordlessly into silence.

I dream of God who dreams me
Then, Now, Forevermore
Silence calls my dream God forth

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