Inspired by Psalm 1

Stand with our Creator, don’t sit with those who sneer
Walk with our Redeemer, don’t stand with those who sin
Run with our Sustainer, don’t walk with those who scoff

Listen to God’s Word
Learn God’s Wisdom
Live God’s Love

Grow tall in faith
Spread wide in hope
Root strongly in love

Drink deeply of God’s mercy
Share generously of God’s good fruits
Prosper fully in God’s care

If I
Sit with those who sneer
Stand with those who sin
Walk with those who scoff

Ignore God’s Word
Lust after foolishness
Live resentfully, enviously

With stunted growth
Bare branches
Withered leaves

Blown every which way
By whims and winds of fancy
Prospering in nothing important

Then my life
Blows away

We lose our way
When we do not walk with God.

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