Catching Up

Wow! It’s so good to see you. You look great. How long has it been?

Years, decades, a different century, a different millennium.

It sure was a long time ago.
So much has changed.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone remembers anymore, what it was like.
Sometimes I wonder if I even really lived my memories.

Oh, say, remember Jerry? Remember how anxious he got about taking tests?
Didn’t he sit next to you to take the GRE so he wouldn’t be so nervous?

He did, but it didn’t work.
When I saw Network – that reporter who sweated through his shirts when he tried to anchor –
I thought of Jerry taking the GRE.

Didn’t he live with all of you in that big house near campus?
Was he the one who started the fire in the oven, that brought the fire truck out?
Didn’t you have to scramble to hide the dope?

Yes, yes, all of that.

Wasn’t he from New York?
Wasn’t he the one who thought we could drive to San Francisco in one day?

That sounds like Jerry.
I remember going with him to Yellowstone.
On the drive there, he kept asking why no one had built a city on all this land.

You know, I never really knew…
Were he and Sharon ever a couple? Were you and he ever a couple?

Oh, we didn’t really do couples back then.
But Jerry, well Jerry only thought he was interested in us.
Then he said he was bi, but finally he just said he was gay.
It wasn’t a big coming out deal. He just told a few of us, his close friends.
I remember how nervous he was – almost as nervous as taking the GRE.

What ever happened to Jerry?
You and he were such good friends.
Did you stay in touch?

We did for awhile.
I still think of him, but I’m scared to try to find him.
He moved to San Francisco in ‘81.


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