Based on Luke 14: 15-24

Praying, I imagined myself dining with Jesus and I heard him say:
“Some will say,
‘Blessed is the one who consecrated the bread and wine in the Kingdom of God.’
But I tell you this:
God gave a great dinner to which She invited many.
But some priestly men stole many of the invitations
And secretly gave them to other men, only men,
whom they judged more worthy to be invited.
When the time for the dinner came,
God dispatched Her angel to say to those invited,
‘Come, everything is now ready.’
But one by one, the priestly men began to excuse themselves.
The first said to the messenger,
‘I have to hear confession and stay to free people from their sins;
I ask you, consider me excused.’
And another said, ‘I have to raise money to build a better church so people can come watch me worship God;
I ask you, consider me excused.’
And another said, ‘I have to say Mass to bring God to the people, and therefore I cannot come.’
And each woman said, ‘I did not receive my invitation,
But I would love to come.’
The angel went and reported this to God.
Then God in a rage commanded Her messenger,
‘Go out quickly into all the world
and bring in here the abused and the outcast, the ignored and the silenced.’
The angel reported, ‘Madam, your orders have been carried out and still there is room.’
God then ordered the messenger,
‘Go out to the highways and hedgerows
and invite everyone to come in that my home may be filled.
For, I tell you, none of those pompous priestly men who were invited will taste my dinner.'”

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