Thoughts about God

Earlier today, driving through western Texas while my husband napped in the passenger seat, I spent some time thinking about how our greater awareness of LGBTQ+ people and of sexuality and gender as continua rather than boxes can help us better imagine God in somewhat new ways. I was thinking that God is neither god nor goddess but rather, while fully personal, is not constrained by our created sexual categories.

I have been moving back and forth in my prayers and thoughts between referring to our divine creator as God and Goddess. Neither is completely satisfactory to me but simply saying “Divine One” is not always satisfactory either.

Sometimes, I like my angry prayers best. Prayers that sound blasphemous but are often my most intensely personal with God. “Explain to me, O great creator of everything, how you can be so powerful, so knowing, so loving and such a god almighty bastard.”

But I digress. Somewhere in the middle of southwestern Texas – the sheer empty expanse of which lends itself to such thoughts – I thought that maybe I could refer to our divine creator-redeemer-sustainer as Goddest.

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