Cookie Recipe for the Divorced and Separated (Or Otherwise Disappointed and Lonely)

Sift flour
Discard the hard to digest bits

Cream butter
Keep working at it until all the hard parts are soft and fluffy

Add generous amount of sugar
Discard bitterness

Break the eggs
But do not separate
(There’s been enough of that already)

Add baking powder
To help them rise
(With humor)

Add cream of tartar
To soften them at the end

Add lots of spices
Even if you have to go out of your way and spend money
To get ones you’ve never used before

Mix it all together lightly
Lightly, lightly
Stop obsessing
It’s all mixed up and time to move on

Roll into small balls and pat down gently
Don’t try to make each one exactly right
Don’t worry about the ones already done
Just keep making more

Bake in a very hot oven for a short time
Be patient, the baking time will end

Take the hot cookie sheets out of the oven
Be careful not to burn yourself

Let the cookies sit for awhile on the cookie sheets
It may look like nothing is happening
But this resting time is important

Move the cookies to wire racks to finish cooling
The hard part is over now

Your new cookies are ready to eat!
Treat yourself and enjoy
You deserve it.

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