Simple Silliness

[I think my response to today’s poetry prompt is simply my mind escaping from the too serious busy-ness of the holidays.]

To breakfast on a roller coaster
Is quite absurd
Even more absurd
With candy cigarettes and pop

But, really, my dear,
What were you thinking?
A roller coaster party in winter
Early in the morning
Is not merely in bad taste
It is in no taste at all
Even with karaoke
Or perhaps I should say
Especially with karaoke

No, really, it simply won’t do
With not even a slim chance
Of being acceptable
Or memorable

I don’t care if you did buttonhole Casper
To run the coaster
A ghost to host the coaster
Just misses the mark for charming

Although I must admit
I did enjoy meeting the Kirbys
And Captain Gregg was such a treat
Though Mrs. Muir took quite a fright
As we gathered speed
On the downward plunge

As dreams go
It has this single virtue:
‘Twas no nightmare
But I would fain hope
For something somewhat classier
With a touch more savior faire, n’est pas,
Tomorrow night

2 thoughts on “Simple Silliness

  1. You have been so good with the poetry prompts! It is that time of year with so much to do! I always do a Christmas letter and I write out about sixty cards. I do a lot of baking…so many cookies! We celebrate a lot as a family and with the extended family. I am hoping this weekend to decorate one of our Magnolia trees outside. Anyway, I have enjoyed your poems! I hope I can get back to it myself…:)


    • My husband was just saying that sometimes I find it so easy to write and other times the words just don’t seem to come. This Advent is a time of easy words for me. Also, I was an academic, doing scientific publishing for over 30 years, so prompts feel very familiar (similar to, write an abstract on this, a paper on that, follow these grant guidelines). I am glad you are enjoying reading the poems – your own writing time will come.


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