A Treat Stop

[I had no idea what I was going to write in response to today’s prompt. God, fate, the universe, serendipidiy, whatever provided.]

I unbind the small notebook, slide the pen from its holder, not sure what I will write, but wanting to write. The card slides out from the back of this long unused notebook, only recently refound. “Happiness,” the front of the flowery card proclaims, “must be grown in one’s own garden.” Inside, the handwritten greeting begins, “Happy holidays & new office warming.” A few sentences later the note ends, “Finally, I hope the caramel creams remind you of happy ‘treat stops’ at our old location. Happy 2013.”
The signature – one of my graduate students

The caramel creams didn’t last long.
The then-new location is itself closed now.
I am four years retired.
No new students challenge my knowledge and my patience.

I think of the few I keep in touch with:
The successful author and speaker – about near death experiences and paranormal healings!…
The mother of two preschoolers: waiting more or less patiently to resume her career…
The busy successful physician…
The somewhat dissatisfied academic…
The always energetic multitasking mom with a demanding career.

Like a sampler box of chocolates
Just small dessert bites from a repast,
Once filled and filling,
Now grown slightly stale.

This unexpected candy,
Though hardening at the edges,
Satisfies still when tasted gratefully.

A sweet treat stop
This almost holiday morning.

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