One Bright Spot

The road twists and turns
Through sharps and flats
Like the notes of a familiar tune

Winter trees with bare limbs twined
Rise to either side
Screen the setting sun

The road flows in westward arpeggios
So I need my sunglasses on
Although day is fast yielding to dusk

The striated sky does not blaze today
But fades to light blue
With dusky pink clouds hugging the horizon

A single small streak of brighter pink
Slices through, just above the earth-air border
Glistens against the calmer shades

I tip my sunglasses up
While careful to keep my attention mostly
On the curves and dips of the musical road

Even without my polarized glasses
I can see that single pink streak
Brightens one spot in the dusky sky

Just one bright spot
That I can look at only fleetingly
As I drive the road carefully

Just one bright spot
But it is enough

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