Contemplating Procrastinating

Why is it so easy to remember
the undone?

Do I ever lie abed,
not even dreaming of sleep

long into a restless night
recounting what I have done?

The presents bought
soon sink

treasures in deep quiet waters
of done

the presents unbought
bob and float

jetsam in stormy seas
of unease

Promises kept, projects finished
duties done, agenda accomplished

These have small space in memory.
Their stay is short, their value small.

But the one undone, ignored,
dreaded, or simply avoided

Ah, such a one glues itself to my soul,
wraps itself around my awareness

toothpicks my sleepless eyes,
treadmills my restless limbs

devil to the god of peace,
demon spawn of conscience.

Procrastination we name it:
“For tomorrow”

As if it were a positive contained thing,
a plan, an eagerly awaited opportunity.

we should name it

“Not today”
Never today

The done is yesterday
dismissed, discounted

The planned is tomorrow
anticipated, awaited

The deferred is

prolonged, postponed,
protracted, paused

Never today

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