Christmas Seven

[Life is getting close enough to normal for me to find a little time to have some fun with today’s prompt from Two Sylvias Press.]

The first day of Christmas Santa came
Or the baby Jesus or maybe both
The second day of Christmas relatives left
And we pretended to celebrate Boxing Day
The third day of Christmas we traveled
Not far and just for the day
The fourth day of Christmas we rested
And settled down to enjoy our gifts
The fifth day of Christmas we visited
And laughed as a toddler showed off
The sixth day of Christmas I wrote
This poem thinking it should be tomorrow
The seventh day of Christmas I go
To see The Rise of Skywalker again
The eighth day of Christmas we play
With old friends in a new year
The ninth day of Christmas we rest
And go back to enjoying our gifts
The tenth day of Christmas we continue
Amid aging Christmas decorations still left up
The eleventh day of Christmas we wait
For the end of Christmas coming tomorrow
The twelfth day of Christmas is Epiphany
When wise people end the Christmas season.

Today’s challenge was lines of just seven
It should really have been tomorrow given
Lines of seven on Christmas Day seven
Might be a poet’s kind of heaven.

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