Christmas Backwards

[The prompt a few days ago suggested writing a poem and then reversing the order of the lines. This is what I wrote. Try reading it backwards for a bit of fun.]

Advent calendar village with all doors and windows open

Reblooming Christmas cactus in the middle of the advent wreath

Candles gone, tucked away, burned just slightly lower

Angels on the mantel, more above the mantel

Unmoved by the nativity still life below

Gift bags, box of chocolate truffles, new work gloves

A book or two, no electronics

Under the nativity table

No tree in sight

Several somewhat wilting poinsettias

Poinsettias really are not poisonous

Just early victims of disinformation

If I hear that saccharine sappy ad for donations to some animal charity

One more time, I swear

As I lay on the sofa surrounded by old Christmas

AAARRRHHHGGGG I shall go mad

I might smash mom’s TV

I will spare the neighbors at least

Every decoration so carefully placed a few weeks ago

So enjoyed through celebrations and quiet times

Now somewhat hackneyed, overdone, trite, tiresome

The old year fast fades

No new year yet brightens hope

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