My attention veers
From wonder
To defense

Most of my wonder is not weighty

I wonder
What to fix for dinner
Which sweater to take on my next trip
Who should I ask to lead the committee
Where did I put my favorite earrings
When will I find time to do my taxes
Why is that one dusky rose still beautiful, erect and whole, in the narrow vase, a year later
How did the Catholic Church become so invested in denying the full imago Dei of women

Then my fingers, in a moment of escapism
Tap the Facebook icon
I have notifications
I read several argumentative comments
On a recent post I wrote

Only with conscious effort
A ridiculously necessary exertion of willpower
Do I delete my half-written defense
Close Facebook
And write this

I feel proud and grateful
And I wonder
When did the opinions
Of such lightly known friends become important

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