Resurrection Conundrums

I would so love one more afternoon
Working in leather with Daddy George
My maternal grandfather
Dead now more years than he lived

But what if every hour with Daddy George
Was bought by an hour with my father
Dead now for 20 years
Mourned more than missed

Would it be worth the risk
Of more time with dad
Although I would love
To see again his wry smile
To hear again his whistle
(When he wasn’t drinking)

Could I pick and choose
What version, what age
Of each person to resurrect?

My grandfather
Not incapacitated by stroke
But the ramrod straight Colonel
Saluting the lowering flag
At Carswell Field
After gently placing my hand on my heart
That Texas summer sunset time

My father
Not incapacitated by alcohol and mania
But leaning on the sandy bayou bank
Laughing as I sprinkled sand
On his prematurely bald head
That too hot Louisiana time

Our stillborn granddaughters
Not tiny unfulfilled promises
But lisping leaping toddlers
Or laughing learning children
Or even sometimes sullen teens
As long as we had them for more time

If God asks me
How to resurrect those I miss
Who will tell God
How to resurrect me?

One thought on “Resurrection Conundrums

  1. Oh Adrienne…. we have much in common in the Father department, although the losses of your daughters is something I have no match for.
    This was a wonderful wrap-up of memories and I loved the resurrection tie in at the end.


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