Wednesday, family arrives
From Mississippi
What is riskier
Letting them stay
Or refusing?

How safe is the Instant Teller?
The exercise class?

Saturday, Mom’s left leg is swollen
What is riskier for 96?
Weekend walk-in
Or wait until Monday?

Can I safely shop for groceries
Or should I have them delivered?

Tuesday, the toilet clogs
Do we take it apart ourselves
Or call a plumber?

Can we meet friends for dinner
On a restaurant patio?

If I have friends over
To play bridge with Mom
How do I know they really have been
Isolating and distancing?

Children need school
Mom needs friends
I need activities

Or do we?

Be still,
And know that I am God
Was just about OK
In the Bible

But when did a virus
Become God
Demanding stillness?

I grow weary, resentful
And yet, and yet
I know

I know enough

Be still
Be patient
Be wise
Be wary

And know we can survive

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