(Matthew 19:23-30, 20:1-16)

Oh, to live a good life
Oh, to live a memorable life
Oh, to live a relevant life
Oh, to live a virtuous life
Oh, to live a meaningful life
Oh, to live a godly life

Who is good?
What is memorable?
When is relevant?
Where is virtue?
Why meaningful?
How godly?

Sacrificial love
2000 years ago
In humility
For love of us
Like Him

So this itinerant preacher
Holy man
Crazy man

From a nothing town
In a nothing province
Of a despised people
Two millennia ago

Is the answer?
Has the answer?
Shares the answer?

He promises that those twelve
The ones we call apostles
Their lives will count
Will sit on thrones
Will judge the tribes
Will have it all

For this one little thing
A small wrinkle
Thrown in here
And again
At the end

The end of that parable
Of unjust generosity
Where everyone is equaled

Maybe in law
Maybe in justice
But not in love

In love,
“The first will be last
And the last will be first.”

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