After the Phone Call

I walk carefully
Through the phone call
Because the ground shakes
And the path seethes with snakes

There is so little light
More is unseen than seen

I have a flashlight
But fear too much light
Will cause her to stumble
When I want her to walk
On her own

Knowing herself loved
Guided but not led
Helped but not dependent

Through weeds and thorns
Brambles and briars
We have come so far
With so many scratches and bruises

Along the way
We lost sight of each other
We call out
Through the dark
As we stumble shumble on

How much of our rocky path
Cleared before she was born
Does she need to know

If I hand her a machete
Will she use it to clear brush
Or to cut off his head

If I turn her around
How much will she see
Through the years of smog
Through the tears
Through the fears

Will my words be wings
To lift her high
Or tethers
To bring her down

Please, God
Help me help her
This young stranger
Dearer than life
My granddaughter

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