Fall’s beauty mocks
our fragile mortality

Death can be proud
when dying is so colorful

The brilliant day
gold, green and red
against a cerulean sky
my clouded countenance

A preschooler’s
scribbled yellow sun
my private rain
my loss

Sugar died last week
Our twelve year old
sugar sweet puppy
Sixty pounds of canine
with lap dog aspirations

We await her ashes

her cinnamon litter mate
life companion
earlier this terrible year
as an uncertain spring birthed
from a reluctant winter

We dug her ashes
into the succulent garden
that now turns magenta and gray
as fall’s death overtakes summer’s life

And so we will with Sugar
bury her death in sandy soil

Await her rebirth
with Spice
every succulent spring

2 thoughts on “Sugar

  1. Oh Butsy (or Adrienne? I know you as Adrienne in our writing community)…

    This poem moved me deeply. We let our 15 year old pup go this February. I have never known such grief. Reading about Sugar, I can feel how special she was (is). I can feel the pain of her absence. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. What a year. What a year.

    So many lines here are just sheer perfection in their expression, that I won’t even attempt to explain why they hit me the way they did. Sometimes words, you just feel them. I feel this poem. It is lovely and true.

    Grieving with you,

    Jessica Cotten



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