The Lord’s Prayer – My Own Version

Dear God, my always and forever Best Friend, Faithful Lover, Greatest Security,
whether I remember You or not
whether I call on You or not
does not change Your greatness, Your supremacy
now and forever.

Help me to live now as I would want to live always:
my best life, my most generous life
for myself and others.

Help me to be satisfied,
to love myself and others,
to be as generous in forgiving myself and others
as You are in forgiving me – and others.

Help me to always focus on the good.
Keep me from despair over the not good.

For You are God,
Master and Mistress,
Savior and Advocate
of this world, of all worlds, of all time:
Sovereign, Powerful, Glorious – and Loving, Forever Loving.
Let it be so.

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