Headlines August 15, 2022

‘What is truth?’ said jesting Pilate, and would not stay for an answer.

Francis Bacon
American recession fears collide with reality

A year on, the Taliban savor victory

New York Times:
Six Weeks of “Hell”: Inside Russia’s Brutal Ukraine Detentions

Wall Street Journal:
Record Oil Profit Boosts Saudi Coffers

Fox News:
Trump says he ‘will do whatever’ he can to ‘help the country’ after FBI raid

USA Today:
Chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal continues to haunt Biden presidency

AP News:
Iran denies involvement but justifies Salmon Rushdie attack

Twitter feed @POTUS:
Since the start of my presidency, 
my economic plan has helped create 9.5 million jobs, 
reach a 50-year record low unemployment rate, 
and achieve zero percent inflation in July.


My dear Socrates,
The unexamined life may not be worth living,
(although I prefer making bread)
but the wider world may not be worth examining.
At least not too closely.

Having gained no wisdom of my own
I am left with little but what passes for wisdom
from another revered dead white man:

“Since sorrow never comes too late, 
         And happiness too swiftly flies. 
…ignorance is bliss, 
       'Tis folly to be wise.”

Or, at least,
Since clarity never rules such lists
And the world oft leaves me alarmed
Then, indeed, ignorance is bliss
And ‘tis folly to be informed.

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