Storm memories surge
Drowning all song
Except the mermaid’s dirge

17 years ago
New Orleans drowned
Silenced for months
Streets deserted
Trees toppled
Roofs broken

The well-meaning psychiatrist
Said turn off the TV
Do something else
Think something else
Listen to a different song
While your city
Beneath the hurricane’s
Fierce cacophony

My mother’s china
My sister’s kitchen
My niece’s wedding presents

The joyous jazz strains of our lives
Drowned to silence
Umbrellas blown inside out
As we second line our way back
After our city went black

One thought on “Katrina

  1. Oh my gosh so true! All those thoughts. It hit dead on to where mom and dad use to live. My uncle and aunt are still down there. We have not heard from them since the storm cleared. Also my buddy Jamie’s parents are in Naples. I texted with her this morning. Her dad died mid September. Jamie is still there. She and her mom both had covid, her mom is in the hospital and Jamie rode the storm out in their house. They have power back on and no damage to their house, so she anticipates discharge for her mom today. Everything is worse in the storm- I remember all that happened with your sisters too. I just have an endless lump in my throat. So glad my parents aren’t there.

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