Law And Love

Law pulled my eyes up to God
Somewhere above sky and stars
Beyond sun and Milky Way
Greater than greater
Stronger than strong
Longer than long
Giving the law
That we must follow
To reach his high exalted throne

Law pushed my eyes down on myself
And on others
We sin, venial and mortal
Close to worthless
We fail, time and again
To follow our high Father’s perfect law

It is hard to love
When you feel worthless
Hard to love
When you feel unworthy
Hard to love
When you look down
On being human

Love, oh love
Set my eyes straight
Taught me to look at flowers
Trees, bees, grass, dogs, fireflies
Love held me still
When the black snake 
Into our small pond
When the dragonfly
Across the back porch
When Woody 
My face to his chest

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